I’m a Virginia girl and adopted Texan currently living in the Pacific Northwest. I received my Ph.D. in 2013 in neuroscience with a focus on using neuroimaging to understand how the brain takes in and processes incoming sensory information in our environment. If you want to talk for hours about my love of open source programming languages, functional MRI statistics, or not putting charts into slide presentations that no one can read, I’m your girl.. if not, I also have a lot of opinions about pretty much everything. Life outside of lab is blur of running marathons, Netflix marathons, and trying not to get into debates about science on Facebook and usually failing (if you knew 5 year old me this would be no surprise). The goal of this blog is to be a tiny dam in the vast current of click bait science and help regular, curious, non-scientist friends navigate the seemingly contradictory and provocative headlines about issues that matter to them. Taxpayers fund a big chunk of incredibly important research in our country, and they deserve to have the fruits of that work explained in a way that isn’t overly simplified, misleading, or misused to make sweeping generalizations. Everyone can understand science, and I want to be a part of helping you get there. All opinions here are my own.